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Accelerate your Supply Chain with the leading hands-free scanner.

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ProGlove for Warehouse & Logistics

Supporting your supply chain, from production, to global transportation, to retail.

ProGlove Solutions


Identify materials as they arrive and catch any wrong deliveries immediately – Making your warehouse receiving process error-free.



Eliminate picking errors and reduce related losses to your annual bottom line. Avoid delays with our instant feedback features to improve the quality of the process.

ProGlove for Production


Transfer–hands-free–the correct materials in time for production, while guaranteeing quantity accuracy and the correct bin selection.


Guarantee the realization of optimized assembly sequences and uninterrupted movement between sequencing stations.


Maintain speed and accuracy during assembly while documenting every step of the process–hands-free–affording the worker a safer and more ergonomic working experience.



Identify stock–error-free–for reliable inventory verification, location history, maintenance, and better stock rotation.


Benefit from unrestricted body movement, 100% hands-free mobility and continuous workflow during the packaging process.

Tracking & Tracing

Rely on error-free recording of product data - improving the quality and reliability of tracking & tracing goods during transportation.

ProGlove for Transportation



ProGlove for Retail


Speed up merchandize throughput at the point of sale (POS) - subsequently lowering stress for the retail cashiers and consumers.


Enable faster pick-up after the point of sale through rapid order picking and ergonomics – shortening the time required to get merchandize to the pick-up point.


Speed up the returned goods process with easier handling in stationary areas, error-free identification and faster repackaging.

Plug & Play

The ProGlove Effect @scale

 Accelerating your supply chain
Accelerating your supply chain
 Lowering your costs with hyper-efficiency and reduced errors
Lowering your costs with hyper-efficiency and reduced errors
 Improving customer satisfaction through better product availability
Improving customer satisfaction through better product availability

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