Ever-changing customer expectations, maintaining loyalty and diverse orders. ProGlove meets these retail challenges by speeding up your processes to increase efficiency, quality and output sustainability.

See how our retail customers are making their digital retail strategies faster.

Media Markt

Media Markt uses a combination of ProGlove Smart Gloves and Pick-By-Light systems to help its employees meet their challenges. ProGlove supports the employees in establishing seamless and interlocking work steps. For Media Markt, this approach is a significant improvement and a significant step towards an increasingly digital warehouse.

“ProGlove supports our employees in warehouse operations and generally contributes to increased operational efficiency. ProGlove is the solution of choice,” said Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer.

Rewe Group

Penny Logistics has opted to use ProGlove’s Smart Gloves in the picking process. ProGlove’s smart wearables capture both the location and the product itself thanks to outstanding barcode scanning technology and synchronize this data with the picking list. This approach leads to increased quality, efficiency and ergonomics.

Penny confirms: “The challenge is to always process orders correctly, quickly and carefully. ProGlove ensures this”.


The increasing number of customers demanded innovative solutions in order to be able to offer an even more customer-friendly and faster service. Intersport Pregenzer came across ProGlove in search of these solutions.

ProGlove’s wearable bar code scanners are used for ski output, the return of all rental items and at the checkout. The new processes in conjunction with ProGlove enable Intersport Pregenzer to serve up to 25 percent more customers during peak periods such as holidays and weekends.

Today, customers no longer accept that an item is not available or can only be delivered with a long delay. Punctuality and high process quality are therefore important factors for your operations.

ProGlove’s smart scanner solutions provide immediate feedback after each step to ensure maximum process quality.

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