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Industry 4.0 is built on connectivity, data, machines and technology.  At ProGlove, we believe that digital transformation will be a greater force in business when the human factor is fully incorporated. Our mission is to enable workers to be more efficient, more integrated and more empowered.  When we leverage the innovation, devices, and platforms of our strategic partners, we are unlocking incredible potential and accomplishing this goal together.

Barcode Scanner App

Integration Partner

Our integration partnerships leverage mutual hardware and software expertise to help firms easily pair legacy systems with modern mobile tools and IoT wearables to meet the demands of industry 4.0. The combined solution leads to reduced integration times and less error for a better scanning performance.

Mobile Device Manufacturer

Together with mobile device manufacturer, we can further enhance seamless customer solutions for the supply chain. These powerful solutions increase flexibility at fixed, semi-mobile and mobile workstations for better workflows. The combination goes hand in hand with more efficient processes and ease of handling for the worker.

Teaming Together


When you partner with ProGlove, it is with our entire team. Our engineers, product designers, marketers, and sales managers become your peers in our endeavor to turn our mutual ideas into reality.

Innovating Together


More is always possible with collaboration.  Together, we will envision the possibilities, design solutions that make a difference, and advance business results in the industries that move the world.

Suceeding Together


When we enter a partnership, we envision one plus one equaling more than two—not only for each other but for the human workforce we enable, the vertical in which they work, and the world in which we all live.

Shaping The Future Together


We take our partnerships seriously; but we also see the excitement in the possibilities.  If you have the same vision, similar values, and thrill for innovation, let’s explore what we can do together.

We Are Proudly Partnering with Some of the Key Industry Leaders:


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Groundbreaking solutions are based on partnerships. As the supply chain environment becomes more complex, it is integral to maximize the benefit in processes through corporations to tackle challenges and increase value for the human worker who is the core of what we do.

We are the leader in industrial wearables and aspire to further develop collaborative, successful partnerships to deliver barcode scanning solutions to enable a smarter workflow. As a technology partner, you are part of ProGlove solutions development. Together, we run transformative programs with you being an integration partner or device manufacturer.

If you are ready to join our exclusive partner community, we encourage you to get in contact with us to identify areas of improvement and, based on this, explore options for joint activities.

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