MARK 2 standard range

For advanced assembly

With MARK 2 standard range everyone can achieve maximum productivity in all production use cases.

MARK 2 standard range

Maximum productivity in production

Experience the advantages of MARK 2 standard range – specifically optimized for the production environment – with a new scan range of up to 80cm.

  • Connectivity to tablets, smartphones and terminals via Bluetooth Low Energy or 868 MHz
  • Optical, acoustical and haptic feedback option
  • Optimized for a high frequency scanning environment
  • Battery life of up to 10,000 scans
  • Read DPM Barcodes flawlessly

Worker Feedback

Make MARK even more efficient

ProGlove Worker Feedback creates an efficient flow of information. The MARK scanner makes the user aware of the most important system information using light and/or vibration signals. The user immediately knows whether the work step they have carried out is correct or incorrect and remains in the workflow.

Clear feedback signal:
Instantaneous feedback in the immediate user environment after scanning.

Time saved:
The worker does not have to double check with a display.


Control HOW you send your data

Transmitting to lots of devices on the same frequency band in a small area can cause communication problems. The ProGlove Custom Channel allows you to freely select from 70 channels and decide which channel the MARK and Access Point use to communicate.

Improved communication:
Information transfer from MARK and Access Point via predefined channels.

Process sequence stability:
Reduction of communication channels.

Index Trigger

ProGlove - Index Trigger
  • For environments without risk of injury
  • Wearable both with a free hand as well as in combination with different glove types
  • Left and right version available

Textile trigger located on the side of the index finger.

S, M, L


ProGlove - Reel
  • Retractable reel for low-frequency scanning environments
  • Pull-to-scan function – automatically releasing the scan engine when pulling it out
  • Highly durable Aramid thread with a reach close to 70 cm
  • Additional release button
  • Two way attachment: Tiltable clip and lanyard


ProGlove - Mark 2 mid range - Proglove Connect

ProGlove Connect is a solution that enables faster and more flexible Bluetooth integrations between your android enterprise applications and the ProGlove system.

Key Features:

  • Scan2Pair function
  • Workflow rules
  • Tailored integration paths
  • Auto config
  • Firmware updates

Further information, registration, downloads and documentation are available via the
ProGlove Self Service Platform.

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ProGlove - Access Point

Connect your MARK Family to any stationary Windows or Linux terminal with the new ProGlove Gateway. With the Scan2Pair function you can connect MARK scanners in a second. Gateway will also be compatible with ProGlove Cloud to monitor battery health, track devices, and analyze workflows.

  • Connect up to 5 MARK Scanner to one Gateway
  • Transmission via BLE
  • Connection via USB

Access Point

ProGlove - Access Point

The Access Point receives data from the barcodes scanned by the MARK scanner. This is connected to the PC, IPS, terminal or tablet via USB or RS232 cable.

  • Connected via USB or RS232
  • Frequency band of 868 MHz
  • Safely transmits via chosen radio frequency channels


ProGlove - Charging Station

The Charging Station can be used to charge two MARK scanners simultaneously. Full load cycle of a MARK scanner takes less than 2 hours. The charging station is powered by a USB power supply.

  • Charging Station for two MARK scanners
  • Less than 2 hours charge time
  • Can be mounted on vertical surfaces

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