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Increase scanning efficiency with the most ergonomic solution

Tracking and moving materials, parts, and inventory is the backbone of industry. Businesses like manufacturing, logistics, and retail all rely on precise coordination between locations and suppliers. But as industry becomes more automated and tech-enabled, people still remain at the heart of progress. That’s why our focus goes beyond efficient barcode scanning technology to address the needs of industrial workers.

ProGlove is the first smart glove designed specifically for industrial applications. Lightweight wearable devices help operators reduce scan times by an average of 50% per scan while the unique ergonomic design reduces worker stress and errors by replacing heavy and cumbersome handheld scanning products. Explore the ProGlove MARK series for the devices, wearables, and accessories that empower your workforce.

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MARK Display is the most advanced, lightweight wearable scanner available for frontline workers. The hand-free, data-first approach provides flexibility and independence for picking, sorting and sequencing processes. The intuitive display, acoustic and haptic feedback guides workers through their processes saving up to 6 seconds per scan and reducing error rates by up to 33%.

MARK 2 Standard Range

We engineered the ProGlove MARK 2 series specifically with high-scanning industrial applications in mind. Both models include a battery life of up to 6000 scans, so operators can get more mileage out of each charge. The MARK 2 Standard Range is optimized for a scanning range of (2-36 in.) and boasts improved direct part marking (DPM) readability.

proglove mark2 standard range
ProGlove MARK 2 Mid Range Hands-Free Barcode Scanner

MARK 2 Mid Range

Looking for a long battery life in addition to the ability to read scans more accurately from farther away? Then the MARK 2 Mid Range scanner is the right choice for you. It has an extended scan range of (2-172 in.), with crosshairs for improved aiming. Ideal for advanced logistics, the MARK 2 Mid Range can be connected to other devices such as tablets, smartwatches or wearable terminals.

MARK Basic

The MARK Basic wireless barcode scanner is ideal for general 1D and 2D scanning applications within small- to mid-sized businesses. With its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, 3000-scan battery life, and mid-range (2-172 in.) scan engine, MARK Basic is the perfect entry to hands-free Bluetooth scanners.

ProGlove MARK Basic

How it works

Scanners that give confirmatory and corrective feedback instantly

ProGlove Scanner Feedback

Your data flows to the point of decision automatically

ProGlove Data Flow

Wearables that enable hands-free scanning in diverse workspaces

ProGlove wearables

Powered by our industry 4.0 technology

ProGlove Technology

proglove connect software

Easy Setup & Configuration

Improving processes shouldn’t cause business disruption. That’s why we developed ProGlove Connect, a software solution that enables fast and flexible integrations between your android enterprise applications and the ProGlove system. It allows you to easily pair devices, define workflow rules, switch workspaces, manage devices and more.

Warehouse Worker Using Hands-Free Barcode Scanner


Your workforce is your greatest asset. We aim to support worker health, safety and performance with ergonomic solutions that fit seamlessly into existing processes. In fact, ProGlove’s hand-free barcode scanners can cut 1.5 tons of lifting from a single shift compared to an average scanning pistol. Plus, real-time scan feedback helps optimize hand movements and reduce errors up to 33%.

Optimal Process Efficiency

Optimal Process Efficiency

From complex production steps on the assembly line to small-part picking in the warehouse, every second counts in industrial operations to improve process efficiency. ProGlove’s smart gloves replace the conventional pistol scanner, saving up to 4 seconds per scan. That paired with the accelerated 1D and 2D barcode capture of the MARK’s scan engine results in a faster ROI.

Find the MARK scanner that fits your business

MARK Basic

MARK 2 Standard Range

MARK 2 Mid Range

MARK Display New
Scan Range2″ – 172″2″ – 36″2″ – 172″2″ – 172″
Display1.54″ E-ink
Bluetooth Low Energy Connection✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
915 MHz Connection✔︎✔︎
Battery Life3000 scans6000 scans6000 scansComing Soon
Transmission FeedbackAcoustic, Optical, HapticAcoustic, Optical, HapticAcoustic, Optical, HapticAcoustic, Optical, Haptic
Ruggedness50 drops from 6.5 ft.100 drops from 6.5 ft.100 drops from 6.5 ft.Coming Soon
IP ClassIP 43IP 54IP 54Coming Soon
Workstation TypeSemi-static & mobileStatic, semi-static &
Static, semi-static &
Semi-static &

Build your custom barcode scanning solution

Hardware Accessories

There are two hardware accessories that are essential to the MARK hands-free scanner system: access points and charging stations. The access point receives data from the barcodes scanned by the MARK scanner. This is connected to the PC, IPS, terminal or tablet via USB or RS232 cable. The charging station can be used to charge two MARK scanners simultaneously. Full load cycle of a MARK scanner takes less than 2 hours. The charging station is powered by a USB power supply. Available accessories include:

  • Access Point (Connected via USB or RS232)
  • Charging Station (Charges two MARK scanners)

Scanner Wearables

Our smart glove, index trigger, and reel wearables are your key to unlock a barcode scanning solution for diverse workers and workspaces. With options for right- and left-handed workers in various sizes, we are proud to be able to offer more than 20 ergonomic variants that allow you to eliminate legacy scanners while improving operator conditions. Available wearables include:

  • Standard gloves
  • Index Triggers
  • Reels
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