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The ProGlove MARK 2 | Panasonic Toughbook Enhance Solutions for Supply Chain

Supply chain operations are optimized when ProGlove’s MARK 2 barcode scanner is paired with Panasonic’s Toughbook N1 handheld or Toughbook A3 tablet. They combine seamlessly as essential elements that protect users from repetitive strain while enhancing productivity and reducing errors. The application is suited to static, semi-static, and dynamic workstations in production and logistics including assembly, material handling, quality control, inbound/outbound, picking and material transport.

ProGlove MARK 2 range integrates into Panasonic’s flexible voice picking solution that combines the use of a Bluetooth headset and TOUGHBOOK Omnia voice enabled application. This complete solution enables a more efficient, ergonomic, and higher-speed method of scanning. Read the press release >

Use ProGlove MARK 2 and Panasonic Toughbook combined for optimized Supply Chain processes

Increase efficiency and throughput

Save up to 4 seconds per scan

Plug & Play through certified bundles

Quality Assured: ProGlove system is Toughbook-tested and approved

Up to 33% less errors with worker feedback

Enhanced connectivity for optimal 4G/Wifi/GPS/BLE

Improved ergonomics

Increase worker safety with hands free

Panasonic capacitive multi-touch display & hot-swap exchangeable battery for long shift work

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