“Be smart, be enthusiastic and grab the opportunities”


Be smart, be enthusiastic and grab the opportunities, is how Till summarizes what it takes to have a successful career at ProGlove. As part of our series “Faces of ProGlove” we speak to Till about his career path so far. Read on if you want to find out why he left ProGlove to learn and how he ended up working with us again.


Hi Till, tell me about how you ended up at ProGlove?

I studied Business Engineering and also did further training in design thinking and lean management at the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship here in Munich (SCE). SCE is part of the university of Munich and the centre was co-initiated by two of the Proglove founders. When I asked them for advice on where I could gain practical experience applying my design thinking skills they told me about their own start up ProGlove.


Till Working at ProGlove

Till – new product manager at ProGlove


And what has happened since?

I had interviewed at several places but knew instantly that ProGlove was for me when I saw a guy building a prototype with an iron. I started as an intern for one semester and then stayed as a permanent employee with them until I resigned.


You resigned?

I was still a B.A. student when I landed my job here. I learned a lot in hardware development, stepped up in my role quickly and I was surrounded by an amazing team. Yet, I started to feel that there were other things I wanted to see, travelling I wanted to do and skills I still wanted to learn. So I decided to take one year off to travel and learn coding with focus on Machine Learning and Deep Learning (especially Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing), so that I could move onto software development in the future. I ended up taking two years off, squeezing in a MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Sussex.


But you did find your way back to ProGlove?

Yes, ProGlove received me back with open arms. I was very thankful that ProGlove gave me the space to learn and experience more and welcomed me back in a role as New Product Manager. In my new role I get to evaluate new product potential, using my passion for design thinking and analytics. It’s hard, but I enjoy it very much to unclutter data and visualise it, so that together we can take the right decisions for the company.


Tell me about the roles you held at ProGlove?

I think I worked in every department that you see today at Proglove! When I first started I was the 10th employee. When you start in a start-up as an intern you jump in everywhere. I did HR for a while, I set up quality measures, logistics and supply chain processes. It was during my bachelor’s thesis that I went into product research. I am happy that I ended up in the team developing new products now.


What’s great about Proglove?

I was only 23 and hadn’t even finished my studies, when I “owned” a new product at ProGlove. I would have never achieved this in another company. That is what I cherish about the culture here. Be smart, be enthusiastic and grab the opportunities.


What has changed since your first day?

The company has changed a lot. At the beginning we just focused on launching, no matter how. Today, we have products and processes in place and our focus now is to scale. At the beginning we  hired opportunistic. Now we are hiring talent with very specific experience in order to be able to grow and organize the company in line with our goal.

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