The essential MARK Basic wearable scanner allows hands-free scanning in your warehouse environment.


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The wearable scanner for greater mobility

MARK Basic provides more efficiency, process quality and ergonomics in your retail and warehouse environment. Upgrade and save up to 4 seconds with each scan.

Instead of interrupting work to reach for the handheld scanner, employees move freely since the scanner sits on the back of the hand. With the Bluetooth Low Energy Standard you can connect MARK Basic to existing systems and end devices without integration effort. The battery allows up to 7,000 scans per charge and thus lasts for one shift.

The wearable scanner for better workflows

​On average, logistics employees reach for their barcode scanner 1000 times per shift. With a handheld scanner they pick it up and put it down again with every single scan. Unnecessary hand movements, which take up time, interrupt the workflow and thus become potential sources of error. If employees have a wearable barcode scanner on the back of the hands, they can concentrate better on the work and save grip time. The hands are free for primary work like picking items or transfering stock. Thanks to the optimised scanning range of 30cm – 150cm, whether the employee is operating from a forklift and scanning the storage area or standing and picking up packages for scanning, the data is captured.


4 seconds – that’s all the time your workers need to start their shift and be ready to scan. Thanks to the simplistic design, users start to work more effienctly after one day of adaptation. No training needed.

Plug & Play integration via BLE

MARK Basic uses the industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to terminals, tablets or smartphones regardless of system.

Wear it

Portability, lightweight, and ease of use are basic prerequisites for user acceptance of the MARK wearable scanner. This is why MARK Basic is only 16mm high and 1.47 in x 1.77 in / 45mm x 50mm small. It weighs 1.41 oz / 40g – lighter than the average smart watch.

Calculate your increase in efficiency

With our ROI calculator you can quickly estimate the value you will find in boosting efficiency and transforming your processes by switching from handheld barcode scanners to MARK wearables.

The entry-level Wearble Scanner

 BLE connection
BLE connection
 weights only 40 g / 1.41 oz
weights only 40 g / 1.41 oz
 Mid range scan engine
Mid range scan engine
 2 min setup time
2 min setup time

The support for all stations in your warehouse

MARK Basic supports your warehouse staff in situations where it really matters:

  • Stock placement
  • Relocation
  • Palletizing
  • Picking
  • Sequencing

Whether employees are mobile with a smartphone or work at a fixed station using a tablet or terminal, the ProGlove wearable scanner enables your workforce. 

See the Full Ecosystem


ProGlove - Connectivity

Connect your MARK Family to any stationary Windows or Linux terminal with the new ProGlove Gateway. With the Scan2Pair function you can connect MARK scanners in a second. Gateway will also be compatible with ProGlove Cloud to monitor battery health, track devices, and analyze workflows.

Key Features:

  • Connect up to 5 MARK Scanner to one Gateway
  • Transmission via BLE
  • Connection via USB


ProGlove - Wearables
  • For environments without risk of injury
  • Wearable both with a free hand as well as in combination with different glove types
  • Left and right version available

Textile trigger located on the side of the index finger.

S, M, L

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Talk to a product expert directly
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Calculate ROI
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Request free trial
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Save time, prevent errors, save money

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*Battery life depends on device settings, usage, and many other factors

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