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ProGlove Insight provides you the missing piece

for shop floor operational excellence

Better Understand Your Shop Floor

ProGlove Insight is an API-first platform offering services to improve Device Lifecycle Management, process understanding and let you easily act on dynamic events. By leveraging state-of-the art sensors deeply embedded in our ProGlove devices, you’re able to understand your processes like never before through completely new datapoints.

Integrate the Insight platform APIs directly into your business applications to build a single source of truth for critical business data by using our brand new Developers Page, various APIs and sample code.

  • Plug & Play Visualisation

    by using the Insight Webportal

  • Shop floor access

    With Insight Mobile and Gateway solutions

  • Enterprise Integration

    Stream Data or use REST APIs


Benefit from the tailored connectivity options for different operating systems to connect and integrate your ProGlove barcode scanner system.

Device Visibility

Control your Device Lifecycle Management requirements and deploy device configuration, monitor battery health, and track usage and metadata to understand the general device performance.

Human Digital Twin

Use the Human Digital Twin APIs to truly understand your human workforce, and behavior so you can optimize your processes accordingly. Start with something as simple as analyzing steps counts to build movement patterns between picking operations.

Digital Shop Floor

Rebuild your shop floor digitally, track order fulfillment, associate images with scanner data, uncover process failures and plot worker movement into heatmaps.

Integrate via APIs

Improve ergonomics and worker satisfaction

Integrate all ProGlove Insight Microservices into your MES, WMS or BI software with our Insight APIs. Leveraging years of co-development with our customers, we apply process knowledge to our sensor-data to deliver actionable insights. Profit from a holistic view of your processes and devices – the way you need it. Live stream insights directly to act on them in real-time or use historical data to optimize your processes. Our growing database of plug-ins and documentation ease implementation for you and your team.


At its core, ProGlove Insight provides the interface between the human worker and backend systems. It ensures optimal scanner data information flow from and to the worker with minimum integration time with its developed portfolio of connection options. Consult with our experts to find the ideal solution for your operating system.

Device Visibility

Save hours of your time managing
your fleet of devices

Use the one-stop overview of device lifecycle requirement data like firmware versions, battery health and configurations. Update all software and configurations via zero touch capabilities right from your desk – and use the data to optimize device configurations based on real-world insights. Deploy selected settings remotely to your fleet of MARK scanners using your EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution.

Monitoring and tracking
cross sites, use-cases or stations

Understand your ProGlove assets across sites, use cases or stations. Unify views and shift devices if needed. Keep an overview of active , idle or out of service devices – and understand outliers right away.

Human Digital Twin

Truly understand how your workforce
is moving within your designed process.

Augment your digital shop floor data with human data to visualize connections and improvements previously unimagined. Use movement patterns to identify process outliers, local bottlenecks or shift resources in real-time based on demand. Improve the ergonomics of your process and reduce injury related downtimes and operational costs.

Social Distancing alerts with privacy in mind.

Safety is the number one priority in our businesses today. Staying abreast of new regulations during day-to-day activities can be challenging for staff. Proximity is a feature that provides an easy, privacy-friendly alert system for your workforce. Remind your workforce of their daily habits to keep a safe distance. The app is anonymous, offline and free to all users of Insight Mobile.

Digital Shop floor

Rebuild your shop floor digitally with contextualized information from processes, devices and task status. Crucial data from your MARK wearable scanner and the human digital twin extend digitized information about your shop floor from your MES or WMS system.

Conduct time and motion studies on activities such as picking, sorting, order processing and compare them across workstations or even across sites. Insert scanning events into order fulfillment workflows and analyses to examine and remove bottlenecks. Use the platform to document quality issues, outliers or other process documentation tasks.

See the Full Ecosystem


ProGlove - Connectivity

Connect your MARK Family to any stationary Windows or Linux terminal with the new ProGlove Gateway. With the Scan2Pair function you can connect MARK scanners in a second. Gateway will also be compatible with ProGlove Cloud to monitor battery health, track devices, and analyze workflows.

Key Features:

  • Connect up to 5 MARK Scanner to one Gateway
  • Transmission via BLE
  • Connection via USB


ProGlove - Wearables
  • For environments without risk of injury
  • Wearable both with a free hand as well as in combination with different glove types
  • Left and right version available

Textile trigger located on the side of the index finger.

S, M, L

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