The mobile companion scanner for your workforce

ProGlove Insight Mobile improves the daily lives of your workers

Equip Your Wearables and Your Workforce for More Than Scanning

The Insight Mobile App for Android transforms the ProGlove wearable scanner into a companion for your workforce with capabilities that go well beyond barcode scanning. The app delivers key utilities that are highly valued by a mobile workforce.

For example, shorten rampup time for each shift with a failproof way to connect all necessary devices. Or enhance guided assistance with programming adapted to your individually designed processes. Or receive reminders for social distancing on the shop floor.

Connect intuitively on the go

Provide a seamless start to a work shift with fast, intuitive connection between the wearable scanner and the host device with a simple barcode scan.

 Easy, fast pairing and switching between devices
Easy, fast pairing and switching between devices
 Secure due to time-limited pairing sessions
Secure due to time-limited pairing sessions
 Easy to maintain with on-screen pairing codes
Easy to maintain with on-screen pairing codes

Proactive feedback to the worker

Reduce the false pick rate by providing feedback directly to the hands of the workers in real-time. The Worker Feedback function translates OK / NOK signal into visual, acoustic and haptic feedback. Enable your employees to work smarter by using the feedback options to surface edge cases in production. All profiles can be adapted to your existing system and employee habits.

Back to work with social distancing

Enable an easy way for your employees to self-monitor with Proximity. In compliance with data protection regulations, the app and the wearable scanner alert wearers if they congregate too closely for too long a time frame – without setting up additional systems at additional costs.

A photo says more than the longest barcode

The documentation function via barcodes enables standardized tracking along complex value chains. But for some cases the scan is not enough. When your employees need to record the condition of goods, record package damage, or document quality controls, a simple photo becomes essential. The built-in photo function of the ProGlove wearable scanner creates a fast photo documentation without interrupting the workflow – all in high definition.

One button – a thousand possibilities

Scanning is by far the most frequent action of warehouse and production employees within the digital system landscape, followed by confirmation and error reporting. With the Double Tap function you can make *any* interaction as easy as scanning. You cover both scanning and validating with just one button on ProGlove Wearables – without having to pick up another device. To do this, easily configure a second function activated by double-clicking on the trigger of Index Trigger or Reel.

See how Lufthansa Technik Logistic Services uses the Worker Feedback function to identify AOG prioritized goods in inbound logistics.

DHL implemented ProGlove Insight Mobile with the SDK and brought its functionalities directly into their app.

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services uses MARK Display mobile scanner for picking workflows to replace large handheld scanners

See the Full Ecosystem


ProGlove - Connectivity

Connect your MARK Family to any stationary Windows or Linux terminal with the new ProGlove Gateway. With the Scan2Pair function you can connect MARK scanners in a second. Gateway will also be compatible with ProGlove Cloud to monitor battery health, track devices, and analyze workflows.

Key Features:

  • Connect up to 5 MARK Scanner to one Gateway
  • Transmission via BLE
  • Connection via USB


ProGlove - Wearables
  • For environments without risk of injury
  • Wearable both with a free hand as well as in combination with different glove types
  • Left and right version available

Textile trigger located on the side of the index finger.

S, M, L

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*Battery life depends on device settings, usage, and many other factors

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