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ProGlove has become a mission-critical component within BMW production processes in Europe and the USA.

ProGlove is saving time and preventing errors during picking, sequencing, assembly and inbound logistics. At the same time, it ensures safety because the workers can process items using a tighter grip and greater care.

Volkswagen Group

At Volkswagen OTLG, one of the world’s largest logistics operations, ProGlove has been implemented in three crucial zones. At one, the pool palette store, there are approximately a million picks a year.

With ProGlove, Volkswagen OTLG can save between two and four seconds per pick. Thanks to the extended scan range of the MARK 2 Mid Range, Volkswagen can now equip all potential hands-free scanning working stations with ProGlove. Future roll-outs are planned at the OTLG and the Volkswagen plants in Wolfsburg and Braunschweig.


In the CKD process, different parts are commissioned and packed in bigger cardboard boxes for shipments. The workers verify every part by scanning a barcode, which is crucial since no shipments can contain an incorrect part.

The advantage ProGlove brings to this process is that the workers can move around freely, without having to pick up a barcode scanner every time they need to document their work. This enables them to handle the parts with greater flexibility while documenting them almost at the exact same time.


In this project, ProGlove’s barcode scanners help ŠKODA’s workers ensure that they always use the required components and follow the production steps correctly. Allowing the workers to work hands-free, creates a more ergonomic workflow. Moreover, the combination of ProGlove’s IoT applications with the pick-to-light system at ŠKODA allows the staging of the material for the assembly lines to become more efficient and erases virtually all errors.

“ProGlove proved itself to be the ideal solution for series production and has been used in our logistics ever since”
– Jirí Cee, Head of ŠKODA Brand Logistics


ProGlove’s lightweight barcode scanners provide workers with the ability to work hands-free in the assembly lines where each brake booster needs to be scanned to ensure complete traceability. Combining the ergonomic design of the MARK scanner with its easy usability helps workers save over 3 seconds per scan. That’s a time-saver that translates to more efficiency for both workers and the entire assembly process.

ProGlove’s ergonomic design allows workers throughout the automotive supply chain to operate hands-free during the entire process, saving 4 seconds per scan.

ProGlove’s lightweight scanner ensures improved safety as workers process items using a tighter grip and greater care.

ProGlove improves your overall process and product quality with easy and intuitive documentation.

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