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ProGlove´s Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

Thyssenkrupp uses ProGlove’s smart wearables for sequencing, which gives workers unrestricted movement between workstations since they don’t need to pick up and set down scanners each time.

In a manufacturing environment, timing and speed is everything when scanning multiple parts in a limited amount of time. Workers need to transfer the correct materials, while maintaining accuracy in documenting every step of the process.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: Workers are able to optimize assembly sequences

and achieve uninterrupted movement between sequencing stations. While speed increases up to 4 seconds per scan, every step of the process becomes hands-free, providing the worker a safer and more ergonomic working experience.

Manufacturing process managers are persistently innovating towards zero: zero time wasted, zero errors and zero complexity. By integrating ProGlove wearable scanners into manufacturing processes, workers are able to transfer–hands-free–the correct materials in time, while guaranteeing quantity accuracy.

We like to keep things easy that is why we use ProGlove: It is simple.

Thierry Singer

Logistics Manager, Thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems, France


Thyssenkrupp is a large steel manufacturer with a strong focus on steel processing. The group has companies spread across 60 countries worldwide with 104,000 employees.

Thyssenkrupp Challenge

Thyssenkrypp was interested in how wearable technology could be used to accelerate their workflows, while also improving the ergonomics of their processes for their workers.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove's wearable scanner was the perfect fit for Thyssenkrupp, from it's plug and play integration to enabling freer movement on their shopfloor. Being able to move easily from station to station with one scanner meant that Thyssenkrupp was able to see quicker, more efficient processes all around.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

Thyssenkrupp has been using ProGlove to accelerate its assembly line workflows across 9 sites since 2017.

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