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ProGlove helps Škoda’s workers ensure that they always use the required components and follow the production steps correctly. Allowing the workers to work hands-free, creates a more ergonomic workflow. The combination of ProGlove’s IoT applications with the pick-to-light system at Škoda allows the staging of the material for the assembly lines to become more efficient and erases virtually all errors.

The need for accurate and efficient tracking of original parts and accessories at all stages of production and delivery of pre-orders.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: A minimum of four seconds saved per scan, on a thousand vehicles built per day, makes for substantial time savings across the shop floor.

Barcode scanning has become the essential activity within automotive processes with every part and every vehicle scanned multiple times throughout its journey from inception to delivery. The micro efficiency of saving just four seconds per scan on all the scans along that journey can translate into thousands of dollars in cost savings per vehicle.

ProGlove proved itself to be the ideal solution for series production and has been used in our logistics ever since.​

Jirí Cee

Head of Škoda Brand Logistics, Czech Republic


With more than 120 years of existence, the Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda is one of the brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group. With production sites distributed all over the world, Škoda automobiles are sold in over 100 countries, making it one of the highest of all Volkswagen AG brand by profit margin.

Škoda Challenge

Škoda was committed to improving scanning processes in production and logistics in a way that would result in less scan errors and mispicks so that workflows could be more continuous.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove provided Škoda with an intuitive workflow, where workers could focus on the task at hand and be sure they were picking the right parts with instant positive or negative feedback from the MARK scanner. Adopting wearable scanning was not only time saving but proved to enable workers to better follow the shopfloor processes.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

ProGlove enabled a faster and mistake-free staging of the material for the assembly lines at several Škoda sites, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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