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ProGlove´s Solution for the Automotive Industry

SEAT relies on ProGlove’s smart wearables to ensure better work ergonomics, quality and traceability at its production venue at Martorell. The design and the usability help in saving 3.12 seconds per scan, improving the efficiency of not only the workers but also the assembly process.

The need for accurate and efficient tracking of original parts and accessories at all stages of production and delivery of pre-orders.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: A minimum of four seconds saved per scan, on a thousand vehicles built per day, makes for substantial time savings across the shop floor.

Barcode scanning has become the essential activity within automotive processes with every part and every vehicle scanned multiple times throughout its journey from inception to delivery. The micro efficiency of saving just four seconds per scan on all the scans along that journey can translate into thousands of dollars in cost savings per vehicle.

By using ProGlove we hope to improve agility, comfort and efficiency in our assembly processes. On a configuration level, integrating it with our system has been very easy.

Carlos Lerma Maqueda

Production Manager Assembly Ibiza and Arona, Seat


Innovation, design, and vitality is what distinguishes SEAT, a Spanish automobile manufacturer with its head office in Martorell, Barcelona. With more than 14,000 employees, the focus of SEAT is to keep moving forward in terms of innovation in the automobile industry.

SEAT Challenge

SEAT was committed to providing their workers a safe working environment and the right tools they needed to establish the most intuitive workflows.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove's MARK scanner enabled workers to flow through tasks, like sequencing, without any trouble managing an additional piece of equipment. Wearing ProGlove meant their hands were free and they had full dexterity to pick parts, scan, and place them where they needed to go without any trouble.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

ProGlove is helping SEAT production venue at Martorellin, Spain, saving 3.12 seconds per scan and improving the efficiency of not only the workers but also the assembly process.

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