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Mercedes-Benz Vans, one of the biggest producers of premium vans with Logistics processes at 5 sites, in Europe, Latin America and the USA. At Mercedes-Benz Vans, we identified the opportunity to make the job of logistics easier by removing a disruptive step in their picking operations. Just one of the reasons why ProGlove has become an importantfactor within the organization.

Mercedes-Benz Vans needed an accurate and efficient way to discover issues, update outdated methods of tracking and improve stability across all stages of its extensive logistics operations.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: A minimum of four seconds saved per scan makes for substantial time savings as Mercedes-Benz Vans builds hundreds of vehicles per day with some 1,000 scans per car. Additionally, ProGlove Insight provides perfect movement tracking to efficiently address relevant issues.

Our joint innovation efforts helped move Mercedes-Benz Vans sites such as the one in Duesseldorf move forward into a fully digital environment. Mercedes-Benz Vans was one of our first automotive customers to implement INSIGHT, our industry analytics software. This ground-breaking solution optimizes and tracks movements to improve the efficiency on their shop floor.

Thanks to ProGlove, we managed to make our logistics processes more digital and efficient. We also increased process acceptance among workers by significantly improving ergonomics and simplifying processes. By using Insight, we will also be able to measure these improvements on the shop floor going forward.

Ronja Jakobi

Logistics Planner, Mercedes-Benz AG​

Mercedes-Benz Vans

The Mercedes-Benz Vans plant in Düsseldorf is the largest plant in the international production network producing the large light commercial vehicles Sprinter and eSprinter. . Digitization and efficiency is what distinguishes this German automobile manufacturer. Headquartered in Stuttgart/Germany, Mercedes-Benz Vans Düsseldorf employs more than 6,000 employees employees and focuses to be an industry 4.0 leader. This counts from start to finish and includes all processes within the plants.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Challenge

Mercedes-Benz Vans was looking to improve its efficiency, stability and ergonomics by eliminating paper-based models which required double checking for each and every number. They needed to come up with an effective software solution to detect problems in order to eliminate evaluation through excel sheets.

ProGlove Solution

By deploying ProGlove's wearable scanners, Mercedes-Benz Vans vigorously drove its digital transformation and collected the high impact they were looking for. MARK Display’s screen screen features were particularly helpful to reduce superfluous time operators spent standing in front of a shelf to manually compare item numbers. In combination with our ProGlove Insight software they are able to to detect issues faster and more efficiently.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

Our joint innovation processes have laid the groundwork to convert 21 Mercedes-Benz Vans sites into digital environments.

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