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ProGlove´s Solution for Retail and eCommerce

Media Markt uses a combination of ProGlove Smart Gloves and Pick-By-Light systems to help its employees meet their challenges. ProGlove technology and wearbles help employees establish seamless and integrated process steps. For Media Markt, this approach is a significant improvement and a huge step toward an increasingly digital warehouse. To attract and retain consumers, our retail customers are transforming to ‘digital-ready’ businesses.

Retail has undergone a massive shift, accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic, towards e-commerce. Managing this shift in demand and the consumer expectations around delivery timelines means every second counts when picking, packing, and fulfilling orders. Static workstations and legacy hardware impede productivity and result in processes that can’t keep up to the rapid fluctuations in consumer demand.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: By upgrading to a mobile-first strategy and enabling workers with untethered wearable solutions from ProGlove, retailers are realizing efficiency gains and error reduction across their operations. By making their existing workforce more efficient, they can spend less time hiring more personnel and more time enabling the staff they already have.

ProGlove’s unique wearable solution with its flexible integration into a wide variety of hardware and software solutions make for an ideal scanner to meet the challenges of the new retail landscape. From picking, packing, to order fulfillment and managing bulky goods, the right tools can make all the difference for your workers, and for your retail business. These newly enabled workers are better prepared to manage fluctuations in demand and have the tools they need to be successful in a challenging work environment.

ProGlove supports our employees in warehouse operations and generally contributes to increased operational efficiency. ProGlove is the solution of choice.

Martin Wild

Chief Digital Officer, Media Markt

Media Markt

MediaMarkt is the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe, with more than 800 stores in 13 countries worldwide and 40 years of activity.

Media Markt Challenge

Media Markt was looking for digital transformation projects that provide a quick ROI while enabling hands-free dynamic mobile workflows. In order to achieve that, Media Markt needed a solution which could be used in combination with a Pick-By-Light system and that could streamline its picking process by making the frontline workers' daily job easier and faster.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove has proven to be a solid digital transformation project as a plug and play solution that only takes seconds to learn. The back of hand scanner placement is the perfect ergonomic solution for a mobile worker, with easy pairing to whatever end devices they might be using. With ProGlove, Media Markt was able to quickly speed up their scanning processes and improve the overall quality of their outputs.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

ProGlove helped Media Markt to establish more dynamic, well-integrated time saving workflows across several European centers.

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