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ProGlove´s Solution for Logistics

LOXXESS combined ProGlove’s integrated scanners and wearables with displays for faster, trouble-free processing through easier handling. This saves significant time per item in return processing, which translates to a double-digit percentage increase for the production output.

Logistics providers across the world are feeling the pressure to establish dynamic, flexible, and more mobile processes that allow them to confidently handle changes in consumer demand.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: Digital transformation projects can be critical to maintaining competitive supply chains and easy to implement solutions like ProGlove are quick, high-impact wins.

Using ProGlove’s wireless and wearable scanner gives frontline workers the flexibility to work from anywhere in the warehouse and the integrated worker feedback helps to raise the quality of output through visual, acoustic and haptic feedback. Based on our research this can lead to a 33% reduction in common picking errors.

ProGlove simplifies logistical processes and improves ergonomics for our employees significantly. By eliminating the waste in our return and packaging processes we expect an increase in productivity.

Markus Mayr

Manager Lean Development, LOXXESS


Loxxess is a logistics company headquartered in Tegernsee, Germany. With 26 logistics centers in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, and a total of 600,000 m2 of warehouse space, they provide logistics and fulfillment solutions to connect manufacturers and retailers with the end customers.

LOXXESS Challenge

LOXESS was working towards greater outputs from their various logistics processes, cutting down on the time to handle any work package and increasing the overall throughput of the goods that were processed at their stations.

ProGlove Solution

LOXESS was able to leverage wearable technology to elevate ergonomics for its workers and reduce friction in workflows. ProGlove's barcode scanners could display real-time information about storage locations, product identifiers and inventory levels. Easier handling of products lead to significant time savings on their work packages and the overall productivity increase LOXESS was looking for.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

Thanks to ProGlove, Loxxees succeeded in enhancing the ergonomics for their workers and reducing friction in workflows since 2017.

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