Intersport Success Story

ProGlove´s Solution for Retail and eCommerce

When Intersport Pregenzer experienced increasing customer demand in their equipment rental shop, they researched innovative solutions that would allow them to offer exponentially faster and more customer-focused service. The company uses ProGlove’s wearable barcode scanners for ski output, rental item returns, and retail checkout. The new integrated processes enable Intersport Pregenzer to serve up to 25 percent more customers during peak periods such as holidays and weekends.

Managing this shift in demand and the consumer expectations around delivery timelines means every second counts when picking, packing, and fulfilling orders. Static workstations and legacy hardware impede productivity and result in processes that can’t keep up to the rapid fluctuations in consumer demand.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: By upgrading to a mobile-first strategy and enabling workers with untethered wearable solutions from ProGlove, retailers are realizing efficiency gains and error reduction across their operations. By making their existing workforce more efficient, they can spend less time hiring more personnel and more time enabling the staff they already have.

ProGlove’s unique wearable solution with its flexible integration into a wide variety of hardware and software solutions make for an ideal scanner to meet the challenges of the new retail landscape. From picking, packing, to order fulfillment and managing bulky goods, the right tools can make all the difference for your workers, and for your retail business. These newly enabled workers are better prepared to manage fluctuations in demand and have the tools they need to be successful in a challenging work environment.

During our two-month testing phase, employees would often vie for a turn to use ProGlove wearable scanner during their shift. That is when we decided to order more and implement ProGlove, so that everyone has their own glove.

Tamara Ruetz

Store Manager, Intersport


Intersport is the largest medium-sized international sporting goods retailer based in Bern, Switzerland. They own 5,800 locations in 65 countries.

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Intersport Challenge

Rental equipment is individually assigned to customers by means of a barcode. Literally hands full, staff had to check and adjust the ski bindings while confirming the rentals with the help of a conventional handheld scanner, all at the same time. The clash of customers checking out skiing equipment, while others were returning theirs, raised stress levels during peak times considerably.

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ProGlove Solution

Intersport introduced ProGlove to allow shop assistants to scan hands-free so they can be more efficient and not entangled with equipment and scanners. The reduction in wait time for customers made matters significantly more convenient at the return counters located outside the shop. It also provided an immense relief to personnel as returned skis are no longer scattered in the way of customers or shop assistants.

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The ProGlove Effect @scale

ProGlove helps Intersport saves up to three hours per day and manages to serve up to 25% more customers during peak times.

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