Horsch Success Story

ProGlove´s Solution for Warehouses in Manufacturing

At Horsch’s Logistic site paperless workflows paved the way for constant process improvements. Horsch introduced a hands-free solution for picking processes by combining MARK Basic with a phone attached to the arm. This mobile-first approach guarantees seamless documentation and worker guidance. In order to optimize the walking routes and identify best-practice workflows all scanners are connected to ProGlove Insight.

INDUSTRY CHALLENGE: While much focus lies on optimized manufacturing processes, warehouses are the backbone for the entire supply chain. The challenge is to introduce

new technologies to speed up logistics workflows without disrupting the ongoing operations.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: Warehouse managers are able to cluster picking patterns and identify best walking routes. Workers have full mobility and can operate hands-free which leads to safer and more ergonomic workflow.

We tested ProGlove Insight with the Mobile App and at the same day we installed on all devices. Even big-name producers, which have been on the market for a long time, cannot keep up with that.

Christian Just

Logistics Team Lead, Horsch


Horsch is the leading company in the area of agricultural engineering worldwide. The product portfolio ranges from tillage, seeding and crop care to hybrid agriculture. Their machines have a working width of up to 42 m.

Horsch Challenge

Since beginning to digitize their warehouses 12 years ago, Horsch is improving their processes constantly. One of their most recent optimization project was to minimize walking times and identify possibly outliers in the picking processes to create a streamlined workflow.

ProGlove Solution

After introducing the ProGlove system, including MARK Basic wearable scanners connected to Insight Mobile and Insight Webportal, Horsch now provides a new form of process transparency. Efforts at different picking stations can now be compared and optimized. The digital image of the processes makes it possible to track optimization projects over a period of time and evaluate whether the initiatives are paying off.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

By equipping all warehouse workers with ProGlove wearable scanners Horsch experienced an immediate efficiency increase. ProGlove Insight amplifies this effect by unveiling further efficiency potentials for the same processes that go beyond hands-free scanning.

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