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ProGlove´s Solution for Logistics and eCommerce

Logistics experts confirm the growth and adoption towards e-commerce has accelerated substantially due to the challenges of COVID-19. Finding a triple play gain in efficiency, reduction in errors, and ergonomic fit with the introduction of ProGlove is truly a bright spot for managing this increased workload. GXO has geared up its operations accordingly, expanding its use of intelligent automation to enhance the speed, accuracy and safety of online order fulfillment; and initiating a major recruitment effort aimed at filling 25,000 job openings.

Logistics providers across the world are feeling the pressure to establish dynamic, flexible, and more mobile processes that allow them to confidently handle changes in consumer demand.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: Digital transformation projects can be critical to maintaining competitive supply chains and easy to implement solutions like ProGlove are quick, high-impact wins. By introducing a lightweight, ergonomic wearable scanner to various workflows customers see time savings, increased quality, and a boost in productivity.

Using ProGlove’s wireless and wearable scanner gives frontline workers the flexibility to work from anywhere in the warehouse and the integrated worker feedback helps to raise the quality of output through visual, acoustic and haptic feedback. Based on our research this can lead to a 33% reduction in common picking errors.

We’re constantly exploring new technology that enhances the accuracy, efficiency and safety of our operations. Where we deploy wearable scanners, we can increase productivity up to 10% depending on the application, while delivering a better experience for our employees.

Richard Cawston

President – Europe, GXO


GXO (NYSE: GXO) is the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider. GXO is committed to providing a world-class, diverse workplace for its 95,000 team members across 860 warehouse locations totaling 200 million square feet. The company partners with the world’s leading blue-chip customers to solve complex logistics challenges with technologically advanced supply chain solutions, at scale and with speed.

GXO Challenge

GXO's wearable technology initiative aimed at enhancing efficiency as the sites accomodate e-commerce growth. Each of their fulfillement centers manages thousands of different products SKUs during peak seasonality. They also wanted a tool that seamlessly integrated with their warehouse management system and digital tools used in the order preparation process.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove barcode scanners helped GXO fulfilling their goal of leveraging elevate ergonomics for workers and reducing friction in workflows. Thanks to ProGlove, GXO could display real-time information about storage locations, product identifiers and inventory levels. Ultimately, they saved six seconds per pick, representing an efficiency gain of approximately 10%.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

GXO first piloted ProGlove in North America resulting in improved speed and a reduction in picking errors by 75%. Since then, ProGlove has been rolled out across GXO sites in Europe.

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GXO’s first pilot of the ProGlove MARK 2 was conducted over seven weeks at a GXO distribution center in Everett, Washington. ProGlove’s wearable scanners were tested with smart-glass headsets worn by employees during inventory picking.

Since then, nearly 400 MARK Display were deployed in Europe.

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