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ProGlove´s Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

At FESTO’s Scharnhausen venue, the total volume amounts to 20,000 scans per month. By integrating ProGlove’s wearable scanners, FESTO succeeded in boosting efficiency and ergonomics in their Technology Plant. The logistic train driver’s work is more efficient and ergonomic, the cycle gets faster and FESTO becomes more productive.

In a manufacturing environment, timing and speed is everything when scanning multiple parts in a limited amount of time. Workers need to transfer the correct materials, while maintaining accuracy in documenting every step of the process.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: Workers are able to optimize assembly sequences and achieve uninterrupted movement between sequencing stations. While speed increases up to 4 seconds per scan, every step of the process becomes hands-free, providing the worker a safer and more ergonomic working experience.

Manufacturing process managers are persistently innovating towards zero: zero time wasted, zero errors and zero complexity. By integrating ProGlove wearable scanners into manufacturing processes, workers are able to transfer–hands-free–the correct materials in time, while guaranteeing quantity accuracy.

I think the benefit of ProGlove is obvious and the acceptance on the worker side is extremely good.

Alfons Riek

VP Technology and Innovation, Festo SE & Co. KG, Germany


FESTO is a leading German multinational company specialized in industrial control and automation, which produces and sells pneumatic, electrical control and drive technology for factories or process automation.

FESTO Challenge

At many FESTO sites, one workflow might require a total volume of scans, whose amount reaches about 20,000 per month alone. Items that are collected by drivers on tugger trains need to be scanned during the manufacturing process as they are being prepared for shipment. By making the logistics train driver's work more efficient and ergonomic, the cycle gets faster and FESTO becomes more productive.

ProGlove Solution

FESTO uses ProGlove’s IIoT wearables to scan items that a tugger train collects during the manufacturing process as they’re prepared for shipping. This helps the company save valuable time, increase ergonomics and improve efficiency since the tugger train drivers no longer need to pick up and drop off a regular handheld scanner.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

At FESTO ProGlove is streamlining the workflow of individual goods confirmation and tugger train transport.

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