DPD Success Story

ProGlove´s Solution for Post and Parcel Distribution Centers

DPD introduced the ProGlove system in two steps: First to increase the efficiency for sorting use cases by implementing hands-free scanning operations. Each sorting operator is able to identify the needed parcels for the delivery tour in a faster and more ergonomic way.
Second to understand bottlenecks in order to react quickly to changed order density. By monitoring the capacity for each station in real-time, DPD is able to reallocate resources based on their needs.


Post and parcel companies have to be as efficient as possible in the whole chain while staying flexible. The order situation is subject to major fluctuations. Both in terms of weekdays and seasonal peaks throughout the year.


Efficiency and process transparency can lead to a competitive edge when seconds count and operational excellence is the key performance indicator.


DPDgroup is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe. With 97,000 delivery experts and a strong network of logistics hubs, they ship 1.9 B parcels per year worldwide. In Switzerland alone DPD delivers almost 100.000 parcels per day.

DPD Challenge

In a price-sensitive and competitive environment, DPD has the challenge to orchestrate fast and accurate sorting for the delivery tours in multiple distribution centers countrywide. They introduced a pre-sorting process to prepare each tour with 150-250 parcels. DPD experiences high peaks and needs to have the right workforce size for the demand at the right time at the right location in this process.

ProGlove Solution

After introducing ProGlove Insight in combination with MARK Basic wearable scanners, DPD is now able to track and visualize productivity per section with different workloads and plan and reallocate staff according to the workload.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

By implementing ProGlove Insight countrywide, DPD is now able to identify best-practice cases across 17 locations rather than have improvements kept in silos. At the same time DPD is able to maintain devices and increase the device performance for all distribution centers.

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Experience how Smart Urban Logistics Consultant Ville Heimgartner from DPD takes the audience of Smart Factory Lab on the journey of a parcel in DPD Switzerland. In his talk he gives a vivid image of all the stations that a parcel has to pass until it arrives at the customer. He describes the challenges in a low-margin industry and how DPD overcomes these challenges by applying innovative technology.

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