BMW Success Story

BMW accelerates automotive supply chain with ProGlove

ProGlove´s Solution for the Automotive Industry

At BMW, ProGlove’s founders observed the opportunity to make the job of assembly easier by removing a disruptive step in the production process. That step is the one that involves stopping assembly to locate and activate a handheld barcode scanner to track a part or process. By replacing the traditional scanner with a wearable scanner the worker doesn’t need to look up from the task at hand.

The need for accurate and efficient tracking of original parts and accessories at all stages of production and delivery of pre-orders.

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT: A minimum of four seconds saved per scan, on a thousand vehicles built per day, makes for substantial time savings across the shop floor.

Barcode scanning has become the essential activity within automotive processes with every part and every vehicle scanned multiple times throughout its journey from inception to delivery. The micro efficiency of saving just four seconds per scan on all the scans along that journey can translate into thousands of dollars in cost savings per vehicle.

We had already reached the highest possible level of efficiency but we needed to ensure a superior level of quality without pitfalls within these processes. That’s why we adopted ProGlove wearable scanners.​

Harald Gottsche

President & CEO BMW plant San Luis Potosi, Mexico​


The BMW Group is one of the global leading manufacturers of premium automobiles and motorcycles with headquarters in Munich, Germany. The Group, which consists of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce, is in the world’s top 20 of motor vehicles producers, owning 31 production and assembly facilities in 15 countries.

BMW Challenge

BMW was motivated to reduce the time necessary during pre-assembly to scan and verify all the parts in a cockpit. Creating a more integrated and hands-free working environment was a high priority towards increasing overall process quality to recognize efficiency gains.

ProGlove Solution

BMW engaged ProGlove to further introduce assembly line workers to more digital processes. Workers could comfortably scan thousands of parts per day and catch their errors immediately with process feedback.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

BMW has been empowering its workforce with the introduction of ProGlove in 26 different sites and saving precious time during picking, sequencing, assembly and inbound logistics.

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BMW Plant in Dingolfing, Germany, has created a more efficient process flow in the after-sales area by replacing the traditional hand-held devices with ProGlove wearable scanners. Download this success story to gain more insights into:

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  • Simple and fast integrations
  • Ergonomics and safety for workers
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