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From global household brand names like BMW and DHL, to regional giants like Planzer and DB Schenker, ProGlove MARK scanners are setting new benchmarks for ergonomics and efficiency. More than 500 of the most renowned industrial customers already rely on wearable, wireless, portable barcode scanners from ProGlove. Learn more about how the slim design, full mobility, and long battery life of ProGlove portable barcode scanners is transforming specific workflows.




At BMW, ProGlove’s founders observed the opportunity to make the job of assembly easier by removing a disruptive step in the production process.

Volkswagen Group

Millions of picks occur each day across Volkswagen distribution centers and logistics processes at production sites.

ProGlove strategically supports the Volkswagen group to increase efficiency in production and after-sales logistics, plus many assembly processes.


AUDI needed to raise the bar on process excellence and relied on ProGlove wearable barcode scanners to increase their process efficiency.

In the CKD process, workers verify every part by scanning a barcode, which is crucial since no shipments can contain an incorrect part.


ProGlove’s barcode scanners help ŠKODA’s workers ensure that they always use the required components and follow the production steps correctly.

Allowing the workers to work hands-free, creates a more ergonomic workflow.


SEAT relies on ProGlove’s smart wearables to ensure better work ergonomics, quality and traceability at its production venue at Martorell. The design and the usability help in saving 3.12 seconds per scan, improving the efficiency of not only the workers but also the assembly process.

Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz Vans, one of the biggest producers of premium vans with Logistics processes at 5 sites, in Europe, Latin America and the USA. At Mercedes-Benz Vans, we identified the opportunity to make the job of logistics easier by removing a disruptive step in their picking operations. Just one of the reasons why ProGlove has become an importantfactor within the organization.




As an innovation leader in Industry 4.0, KUKA is working hand in hand with ProGlove to make its production more efficient.


BOSCH Thermotechnology deployed ProGlove in their assembly lines, logistics, and packaging department. Since workers need to operate a crane at the packaging station, they need both hands free to be able to handle all products easily.


At Festo's Scharnhausen venue, the total volume amounts to 20,000 scans per month. By integrating ProGlove's wearable scanners, FESTO succeeded in boosting efficiency and ergonomics in their Technology Plant.


As an innovation leader in Industry 4.0, KUKA is working hand in hand with ProGlove to make its production more efficient.


At Horsch’s Logistic site paperless workflows paved the way for constant process improvements. Horsch introduced a hands-free solution for picking processes by combining MARK Basic with a phone attached to the arm.




Logistics experts confirm the growth and adoption towards e-commerce has accelerated substantially due to the challenges of COVID-19.

GXO has geared up its operations accordingly, expanding its use of intelligent automation to enhance the speed, accuracy and safety of online order fulfillment; and initiating a major recruitment effort aimed at filling 25,000 job openings.

Geis Group

Geis Group collaborates with ProGlove to improve matters on the factory floor by adding speed, extra efficiency, and more ergonomics. Together with ProGlove, the group has improved workplace effectiveness at their smart logistics warehouse that stores more than 350,000 automotive parts.


LOXXESS combined ProGlove’s integrated scanners and wearables with displays for faster, trouble-free processing through easier handling. This saves significant time per item in return processing, which translates to a double-digit percentage increase for the production output.


ProGlove’s smart barcode scanners help Reichhart’s workers effortlessly master a daily workload that includes a 28-second tact, 6,000 scans and 4,000 items. The company’s workers and managers are impressed with ProGlove’s simple and intuitive design, that enhances their smart logistics processes.


ProGlove and DHL have been collaborating with the aim to bring the best tools directly to their employees so that employees don’t have to go to the tools. By building the lightest, smallest, and toughest wearable barcode scanners in the world.

ProGlove is helping DHL in connecting workers to actionable information, as part of a special initiative created to address the challenge of bulky goods, called Bulky Good 2.0.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker has integrated a “pick-by-vision” solution created by Picavi and ProGlove. Workers are now more mobile – no need to return to a central terminal for orders.

And they have both hands free to operate forklifts and handle materials. For the back office, the solution interfaces directly with management systems for seamless workflows.


The simple and intuitive integration along with the overwhelming worker acceptance alone substantiated the decision for ProGlove. But most importantly, Trelleborg managed to deliver improved work ergonomics, quality and more efficiency.


DPD introduced ProGlove wearable scanners and the analytics software to increase the efficiency for sorting use cases and to understand bottlenecks in order to react quickly to changed order density.

Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik introduced ProGlove to boost its logistics processes to be as efficient as possible – especially at its warehouse entries.

Prioritized shipments are identified and processed more quickly by an alert from the MARK device on the back of the worker’s hand – even before the standardized storage process begins.

Retail and eCommerce


Gap Inc.

Rapid shifts in consumer behavior towards online shopping has driven a lot of stress on fulfillment operations. Keeping pace with demand means continually improving the reliability of production systems and squeezing out workflow inefficiencies wherever possible.

Media Markt

Media Markt uses a combination of ProGlove Smart Gloves and Pick-By-Light systems to help its employees meet their challenges. ProGlove technology and wearables help employees establish seamless and integrated process steps.

Rewe Group

Rewe Group selected ProGlove’s smart wearables for its picking process to increase quality, efficiency and ergonomics. ProGlove’s unique barcode scanning technology enabled the company to not only capture product information, but also the product location, and synchronize all data with with the picking list.


When Intersport Pregenzer experienced increasing customer demand in their equipment rental shop, they researched innovative solutions that would allow them to offer exponentially faster and more customer-focused service.


Consumers are buying more and more online. The booming e-commerce business leads to a steep increase to already fluctuating overall shipment volumes. The adoption of wearable barcode scanners has proven its effectiveness in optimizing Gear4music's picking process. Not only do workers have their hands free with the elimination of bulky pistol scanners, they don’t need to rely strictly on visual list information to match orders to goods any longer.

ROSSMANN / Czech Republic

With the paramount shift in fulfillment operations in the past two years, keeping up with demand is essential. Goods are being consumed at higher rates and manual workflow processes do not work as well as they used to. These shifts bring forth the need to put more ergonomic, efficient processes in place, which is something that ROSSMANN recognized early on.


ProGlove has completely transformed the productivity with an excellent ROI at Jollyroom. The employees learned how to use their new ProGlove smart scanners and wearables in seconds. These few seconds of learning allows Jollyroom workers to now save up to 4 seconds per scan compared to their previous handle-held scanner. Making transfers and picking completely hands free allows the Jollyroom employees feel more comfortable and secure in their workplace while increasing their overall efficiency.

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 Accelerating your supply chain
Accelerating your supply chain
 Lowering your costs with hyper-efficiency and reduced errors
Lowering your costs with hyper-efficiency and reduced errors
 Improving customer satisfaction through better product availability
Improving customer satisfaction through better product availability

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ProGlove wireless barcode scanner for Alexander Tesch at Lufthansa Markus Hirschmann, Head of Logistics Operations plant Augsburg - KUKA
ProGlove wireless barcode scanner for Alexander Tesch at Lufthansa
Markus Hirschmann, Head of Logistics Operations plant Augsburg - KUKA
ProGlove proved itself to be the ideal solution for series production and has been used in our logistics ever since.​


Head of Škoda Brand Logistics


The potential of the scanner with display is especially important in the processes where we must react quickly and flexibly.

Alexander Tesch

Innovation Manager - Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

Lufthansa Technik Services

We chose ProGlove because it was easy to install, proved to work flawlessly during the pilot, and our employees were very satisfied with it.

Dominik Birth-Ruszczynski

Head of Lean Logistics and Technology Management - Group After Sales

Volkswagen AG

For us, the factory of the future is a smart factory – in other words, the human remains the focal point of operations and is supported by the robot. The cooperation between ProGlove and KUKA is an important step for us toward this factory of the future.

Markus Hirschmann

Head of Logistics Operations plant Augsburg


ProGlove supports our employees in warehouse operations and generally contributes to increased operational efficiency. ProGlove is the solution of choice.


Chief Digital Officer

Martin Wild

In order to face our process challenges, the new solution needed to be effortless for the operatives, it could not slow them down or cause them discomfort.

Robert Newport

Operations Director

Robert Newport

During our two-month testing phase, employees would often vie for a turn to use ProGlove wearable scanner during their shift. That is when we decided to order more and implement ProGlove, so that everyone has their own glove.


Store Manager, Intersport

Intersport Pregenzer

Working with ProGlove has been wonderful, their products are dynamic, fast and practical.


Key Account Manager, Geis Group

Geis Group

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