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Jollyroom Success Story

ProGlove´s Solution for Retail and eCommerce

Since 2021, Jollyroom has integrated ProGlove wearables into their warehouse processes to help their employees meet their goals. By changing to the combination of ProGlove smart scanners and wearables, the warehouse has significantly improved their overall work processes. The retail warehouse workers’ daily tasks are more ergonomic and efficient

INDUSTRY CHALLENGE: Before being introduced to ProGlove, Jollyroom had been using a pistol scanner for their picking processes across their 3 warehouses  that amount to 75,000 square meters in size which house over 60,000 items. Every time they had to scan a package, they had to put down their scanner and later pick up the package. This process was time-consuming. Jollyroom decided that it was time to find a solution for their lack of efficiency.  

SUBSTANTIAL RESULT:  By making the switch to ProGlove smart scanners and wearables, the workers at Jollyroom experienced a shift in their everyday work. The overall quality of work has improved. They are saving up to 4 seconds per scan; having each step of their processes hands-free provides the workers with both a safer and more ergonomic working experience. Integrating ProGlove wearable scanners into picking processes, workers can complete transfers completely handsfree on time while assuring precision. 

ProGlove has given us a lot more flexibility, especially in our picking processes that we do in our warehouses.


Project Manager


Jollyroom is the Nordics region’s largest ecommerce company in children’s and baby products. Headquartered in Gothenburg and with various stores around the Nordics, the company has expanded beyond the Nordic Region during the last couple of years and could be looking into further development in the future.

Jollyroom Challenge

Jollyroom was searching for a solution that would give them a quick ROI and enable a hands-free dynamic work process. Prior to learning about ProGlove, Jollyroom employees were using a hand-held scanner for their picking processes across their 3 warehouses that amount to 75,000 square meters in size which house over 60,000 items. The staff realized they were losing a substantial amount of time every day by having to constantly set down their scanners to do their work.

ProGlove Solution

ProGlove has completely transformed the productivity with an excellent ROI at Jollyroom. The employees learned how to use their new ProGlove smart scanners and wearables in seconds. These few seconds of learning allows Jollyroom workers to now save up to 4 seconds per scan compared to their previous handle-held scanner. Making transfers and picking completely hands free allows the Jollyroom employees feel more comfortable and secure in their workplace while increasing their overall efficiency.

The ProGlove Effect @scale

ProGlove helps Jollyroom save up to three hours per day and manages to serve up to 25% more customers during peak times.

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